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Shona Stephenson MTR
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I wasn’t expecting to set the world on fire at today’s M7 marathon, as it really is the start of my sub 2:30 or bust marathon goal. I just wanted to lay down a solid time and I thought if I broke 2:40 it would put me up there. I didn’t do myself any favours though though by taking off a bit too quickly and really putting myself in oxygen debt.Shona Stephenson

Today I have only one hour to type my entry. This is not a lot of time for me as I can only type with two fingers (too much typewriter use as a child) and I hardly work well under pressure.

I only have one hour because very soon I have to head up to my new house up in the Mountains and it is already afternoon. Last week I met fellow Australian Jim Villiers and we planned to make a trip up and out of the busy town to a place higher in the Mountains where we could set-up a base, focus o trail running australia n the weeShona Stephenson ks ahead and get in touch with the Mountains. Last When talking to Sean Greenhill earlier this year about trail running he mentioned that he was working on a marathon event in the Wolgan Valley which would incorporate the Glow Worm Tunnel. The suggested date would put it at around 3 weeks after The North Face. I had been to Glen Davis. I had been to the Wolgan Valley. I had been to the Glow Worm Tunnel. I thought I knew what I was up for and it sounded like a good idea at the time.
I didn’t place much emphasis on this event as all my focus had been on The North Face. Following The North Face however I Shona Stephenson  was starting to wonder if I would recover enough in 3 weeks to do GWM. I was not trail running australia impressed when I found out that my recovery time had turned into my taper time which had been cut to just 2 weeks because I got the dates wrong in my head. Bugger. Leading up to race weekend my mind was set on how my body was recovering, how much climbing the course has, how cold the Wolgan Valley would be and how much rain would be falling. Not the most positive things to focus on in the lead up to a weekend away.