inov-8 Race Elite 180 Thermoshell

Inov-8 Thermoshell 002

I tested the inov-8 180 Thermoshell whilst running and winning my first 100M event in Otago on the South Island of New Zealand, Northburn 100M. Otago is located in the roaring 40’s and is known for it’s gale forced winds and its sub-zero freezing temperatures. In 2012 there over an inch of snow found on runners whilst they ran across the alpine ridge lines at the Summit of Dunstan Mountain at over 1600m. I am from Australia and I was petrified of being cold. I have never encountered snow so I was keen to make sure my body was going to stay at working temperature whilst running through the night for the first time. I made sure that I packed… Read More →

inov-8 f-LITE 185 Review

inov-8 f-LITE 185 Review

I just can’t go past the inov-8 f-LITE Range for my choice of good all round road running shoes. The inov-8 f-LITE 185 are the Precision Women’s Version of my favourite inov-8 f-LITE 195. If you have a wide foot you may want to look at the inov-8 f-LITE 239. It is exactly the same shoe as the 185 but a wider fore foot fit. The f-LITE range is traditionally a Cross Fit Shoe but I love wearing this range on the road, dirt, grass, treadmill. They are my Sydney City training shoes. What makes the f-LITE 185 so special is that they only weigh 183 Grams on my kitchen scales yet they give my feet all the protection they… Read More →

Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite Review

Ay-Up Lights in use

I was given the new Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite prototype of the Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite Runners specific kits to try by Ay-Up for training for the GNW 100 Miler. I have decided that it will be my choice of lighting system for the Great North Walk 100 Mile event GNW 100 mile November 10th 2012. It is my choice of light for Northburn 100 Miler March 2013. I’ve trained and raced with Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite for winning Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney 2012 No Roads Expeditions Team by borrowing the superior lighting system off my injured team mate Beth Cardelli. While I was racing with my other branded head torch with my team mates during Oxfam Trailwalker… Read More →

Cross Core 180

I have bought Cross Core 180. Every year I go to the Australian Health and Fitness Expo Darling Harbour Sydney and I usually buy something that is rubbish. I get it home and then use it with my clients, and it just either dangerous, or plain useless like the medicine ball on a rope….. This year I have bought Cross Core 180, for about $285, and it is fantastic. It is much like the TRX system but it is not fixed. I found the TRX system really expensive for just a few pieces of webbing. The Cross Core 180, has a moving cable with carabiners and tow handles. So it works like a pulley system, with either using your own body… Read More →

Inov8 f-lite 215

Inov-8 F-Lite 215 Review Light Weight Trail Running Shoe

Inov8 f-lite 215 for females Inov8 f-lite 240 for males I was given a pair of inov8 f-lite 215 to try by my sponsors Barefoot Inc. I was immediately impressed by the shock absorbing in the fore foot of the shoe. It has the much loved by me “Injected EVA” which cushions my feet yet has a great return on the energy you put into every foot strike. The inov8 f-lite 215 have “2 Arrows” which means they are “Shock Zone 2” a transitional shoe. Anyone can wear these shoes. They have extra cushioning under the heal allowing for some heal striking for those of you who are building up to minimal running style. I’ve tested the inov8 f-lite 215… Read More →

Trail Running Shoes Inov8 x-talon 190

Inov8 x-talon 190 Review Trail Running Shoes

Inov8 x-talon 190 The Inov8 x-talon 190 trail shoes are amazing. I was given a pair to try from my sponsors “Barefoot Inc” and I’ve had 3 wins from 3 appearances, in over 5 weeks in the Inov8 x-talon 190. Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney 2012 100km, Coastal Classic 2012 29km Royal National Park NSW and the inaugural Surf Coast Century in Anglesea Victoria. The win’s mean that I’ve broken the course records for my gender or set a new course record. What I love about the Inov8 x-talon 190 is that they are so bouncy. How can they weigh only 190 grams and be that much fun to run in? The Inov8 x-talon 190 are uni-sex and are built for performance…. Read More →

UltrAspire Running Belt

UltrAspire Electron UltrAspire Twitch Running Belt Trail Running Australia Shona Stephenson UltrAspire Review 2

I was in the Footpoint store in Mosman checking out there products and I spotted the UltrAspire running belts out on display. Straight away I was impress by their quality of the manufacturing. The UltrAspire are in a class of their own when it comes to the make of the belts. They are really beautifully designed. The UltrAspire Running Belts are the best running belt that I have seen on the market so far. I’ve worn the UltrAspire packs before and I love them. I was keen to try their running belts and see how they stand up to the riggers of trail running.

Inov8 X-Talon 212

Trail Running Shoes Inov8 X-Talon 212 Review Photo

Inov8 X-Talon 212. Are they worth running down the street 1/2 naked to save them. I have been given a pair of Inov8 X-Talon 212 to try. They are so good I ran down the streets of the Inner West in just my undies, yes topless, chasing a group of 4 young adults to stop them from stealing them. My husband caught 2 of them I caught the faster 2 who made it 100m up the street. We rounded the  thieves up with the help of a few neighbours, and the police was called and they were charged with theft. The charge was later down graded to a hefty fine. Okay, I obviously love the Inov8 X-Talon 212. They are light and… Read More →

Source Spinner Pro 2 Backpack Review

I won the Source Spinner Pro 2 Backpack Review as a prize for winning the Footpoint Trail Series 2012. Thank You Footpoint Trail Series. The Source Spinner Pro 2 is a Mountain Bike Hydration Pack. Pros Detachable Outside Compartment and waist strap. Side Mesh Fuel Pockets Source Hydration Pack is of great quality Easy Bite Flow Mouth Piece. Waterproof internal valuable pockets. Cons The Shoulder Straps are stiff and sit out on my body. Source Spinner Pro 2 is better suited for a male shape than a female shape. It is heavy weighing 622 grams 500 grams with the outside compartment removed. It comes with it’s own Source Widepac 2L bladder. The bladder has a bright orange easy slider opening…. Read More →