Andrew Lee’s 5 key Tips to running the Kokoda Challenge

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Ultra Marathon Legend Andrew Lee’s 5 key Tips to running the Kokoda Challenge Team Event.

1. Preparation –
a. Respect…. In hindsight I took this event for granted last year and didn’t give it the respect it deserves. I trained “long” but with hardly any hill training in the lead up. As a result I struggled at times thoughout and in particular paid for it dearly the week after with massively sore quads! It’s quite a hilly course and in some parts hard to get a good rhythm. This year my prep alot better which has incorporated a few trips to Mt Solitary and Kedumba.
b. Train with teammates beforehand – We didn’t do any training runs together in lead up to last year, but this time around we’ve done a few!

2. Communication –
Chat regularly, encourage each other and keep up the good banter. Help each other through the “dark patches” if any.


3. Support crew –
A good crew who knows what you need, not only with refuelling requirements but also for those encouraging words is a great boost. Our crew last year was excellent and we have the same this year. Apparently this year there are less checkpoints for crew access, so obviously longer distances to run in between and more the reason to “nail” each of these, which I am confident we will.


4. Team running tempo –
Quickly establish a good tempo that all four are comfortable with. This achieved by starting at a relaxed / steady pace and through good communication above-mentioned. The training runs we’ve done prior to this event should also help with this.


5. Enjoy the day!

The Kokoda Challenge is a Team Event Fundraiser over 96km with 5000m of verticle eleveation. The No Roads Team hold the current record for the event at The inaugural Kokoda Challenge was held in 2011. The extremely talented No Roads Team of Brendan Davies, Andrew Lee, Mick Donges and Clarke McClymont won the event with a stellar time of 10 hrs 17mins. This Year Andrew Lee, Brendan Davies, Clarke McCymont and Ewan Horsburgh will be attempting to break their 2011 record. To donate to the No Roads Team Click on the link below.