Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite Review

Ay-Up Lights in use

I was given the new Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite prototype of the Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite
Runners specific kits to try by Ay-Up for training for the GNW 100 Miler. I have decided that it will be my choice of lighting system for the Great North Walk 100 Mile event GNW 100 mile November 10th 2012. It is my choice of light for Northburn 100 Miler March 2013.

I’ve trained and raced with Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite for winning Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney 2012 No Roads Expeditions Team by borrowing the superior lighting system off my injured team mate Beth Cardelli. While I was racing with my other branded head torch with my team mates during Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney I realized that I was only going to be able to keep up with my elite running team mates of Andrew Lee, Jonathan Worswick and Paul Robertson if I could see clearly where I was running. So I asked my Team Mate, Beth Cardelli if I could borrow her head torch for the event.

Since August Ay-Up Lighting Systems have made some improvements on the light that I wore during Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney. The Latest model, which will be available to buy in December 2012 has been made lighter.  The new Ay-Up that I weighed on my kitchen scales weighted only 198 grams with the 1/2 epic battery and 254 grams with the Epic battery.


The 1/2 Epic Battery will give you 3-6 hours of battery life. I’ve tested the 1/2 Epic on high for 3 hours on a trail training run running fast trying to stay with Brendan Davies and Clark McClymont and it was still going strong. It will give you 6 hours on low, and 12 hours plus on flashing. The 1/2 Epic weighs 87 grams on my kitchen scales.

Ay-Up Lights

The Epic Battery last for 6 hours on high, 12 hours on low and days on flashing. The Epic weighs 146 grams on my kitchen scales. This will the the battery that I will choose for GNW, with the 1/2 epic as my back up battery. I will still need another torch, but that can be tiny.


One of many features that make the Ay-Ups so good is that the Battery’s are easy to swop over on the run. They sit on the exterior of the head-strap and are really accessible for you or your support crew. They are either held in by quick release velcro or a drawstring.


The strap has been made lighter and more streamlined. The battery is held snuggly in place by velcro and velcro straps. In the past Ay-Ups had a padded head-strap with a draw string to hold the battery in place. I was given both to try again. I’d tried the old head-strap while running Oxfam Trailwalker Sydney and I decided to run with the new simple, lighter head-strap.


The new head strap weighs 57 grams, the old head strap weighs 77 grams. I know the difference is only 20 grams, but in your pack all these grams do add up. Man I bust my butt to loose 500 grams of body fat. So to me every gram counts.


There is three settings on your Ay-Up, High, Low, Flashing. These settings are all controlled by the visible yellow button on the battery pack.


I’ve used the Ay-Up in the GNW, but sadly I had to retire sick after 110km so I was not able to test the light for 12 hours through the night. Yet every time I have trained for 3-6 Hours my had Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite has never failed me. The battery has always lated for 3 or 6 hours.

The Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite Battery is so easy to re-charge. I usually charge up all my 3 batteries while I’m packing my kit for an intended event or training session. It is so reliable, green for charged r3ed for not charged. I never have to make a mad dash to the shops to buy expensive and un-reliable batteries. I’ve been caught out many times not using good quality batties. The Ay-Up All Rounder Ultra Lite has high quality batteries that I totally trust. I can depend on \the battery and light will last me the distance on any event that I tackle.