Naomi Eastment


Naomi Eastment has been running trail for only two years. She has battled through back and Achilles injuries to run her first marathon to qualify for the 6 Foot Track. Naomi only a year later pushed the boundaries to run her first 100km event The North Face 100km (TNF ). Find out what has been the key to her quick succession through the kilometers to run her first 100km event.


Shona. How did you get into trail running?

Naomi. As a Kid I grew up near the bush. I spent a lot of time exploring with my dog and I had an overwhelming sense of adventure. This gave me my love of nature and trails and as I got a bit older I started to run. I think thats why I am confident on technical trails as I have been running on them since I was quite young.

 Training for the six foot track for the first time really opened my eyes up to trail running though. I had to find some tough trails to train on so I was race fit and when I came across some fantastic tracks out the back of Wandandian I just fell in love. I have run trails pretty much exclusively since.

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Beth Cardelli Interview

Beth Cardelli is a good friend, training partner and a hero of mine. I remember the first time she ran past me up a fire trail on the 6 Foot Track and I was just blown away. She is still running past me on climbs. Beth is someone I really admire and I thought you would like to get to know her and find out what makes her tick.

Shona. How did you get into trail running?
Beth. By accident really. I had only ever played netball growing up then I went into a sporting hiatus in my early 20’s. It wasn’t until my husband decided to do Sydney Trailwaker in 2007 with some of his work colleagues that I started being more active again. I started with a few short jogs then some longer walks. I walked most of the Trailwalker event with my husbands team, only missing one of the legs so that I could go home to feed the dogs. They/we finished in 33:32. A very long time for 100km and I felt that I could do better, a lot better. When The North Face 100km appeared the following year I decided to give it a go. I finished in 15:30 and haven’t looked back since.


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