inov-8 f-LITE 185 Review

inov-8 f-LITE 185 Review

I just can’t go past the inov-8 f-LITE Range for my choice of good all round road running shoes. The inov-8 f-LITE 185 are the Precision Women’s Version of my favourite inov-8 f-LITE 195.
If you have a wide foot you may want to look at the inov-8 f-LITE 239. It is exactly the same shoe as the 185 but a wider fore foot fit.
The f-LITE range is traditionally a Cross Fit Shoe but I love wearing this range on the road, dirt, grass, treadmill. They are my Sydney City training shoes.
What makes the f-LITE 185 so special is that they only weigh 183 Grams on my kitchen scales yet they give my feet all the protection they need for the many kilometers I put into them a week racing around the streets of Sydney with my Personal Training Clients. I have had stress fractures in 2010 and since wearing inov-8 shoes I have not had any injuries. inov-8 shoes have taught me how to run lighter and more efficiently on my feet.

The Key Features to the f-LITE 185 Precision

  • a women’s specific fit
  • a narrow heal
  • a close fitting shape.

I have a wide forefoot, high arch and skinny ankles and the f-LITE range fits my foot like a glove.

inov-8 f-LITE have minimal design details. Meaning that the shoe is lighter as well as making the shoe more comfortable to wear. Reducing the assurance of blisters in your feet.
inov-8 f-LITE 185 like the 195 and 239 have the Meta Flex which allows your foot to function naturally with each foot strike. inov-8 f-LITE 185, 195 and 239 also has a Facia Band which acts like a “Windlass Effect”, giving you more kick with every stride.
inov-8 f-LITE 185, 195, 239 has a 3mm Drop with a 1 Arrow at the heal. inov-8 185, 195, 239 has 3mm in the foot bed with the midsole injected EVA to cushion the impact of running on concrete.
The inov-8 f-LITE 185 has a sticky compound sole to help grip on rocks, dirt, grass, concrete, and many flat surfaces. This shoe is not designed for mud or trail running. The inov-8 X-Talon and Trailroc Range is better suited for trail running.
inov-8 f-LITE 185 shoe has been designed for Cross Fit. I’m not Cross Fit chick but I know that they have “Rope Tec” for rope climbs in the gym.
I have been wearing the inov-8 f-LITE 195 range for a year and I love them. I am so happy they inov-8 have move into developing a Women’s Performance Fit. If you have a wider foot you may want to try the inov-8 f-LITE 239 which has been designed for wide forefoot female customers.
I’ve tested the inov-8 f-LITE 185 and I love wearing them on the road for any distance up to 20km. I rarely run for than 20km on the road, I am more of a trail runner.
If in the past you’ve had “Blow Out’s” in your inov-8’s look for the wider fore foot fit like the inov-8 f-LITE 239, inov-8 f-LITE 252. Both these shoes are the same as the f-LITE 195,185 but are more generous in the Forefoot.