inov-8 Race Elite 180 Thermoshell

I tested the inov-8 180 Thermoshell whilst running and winning my first 100M event in Otago on the South Island of New Zealand, Northburn 100M. Otago is located in the roaring 40’s and is known for it’s gale forced winds and its sub-zero freezing temperatures. In 2012 there over an inch of snow found on runners whilst they ran across the alpine ridge lines at the Summit of Dunstan Mountain at over 1600m.

I am from Australia and I was petrified of being cold. I have never encountered snow so I was keen to make sure my body was going to stay at working temperature whilst running through the night for the first time. I made sure that I packed all my “Good Gear” for Northburn 100M.

The inov-8 180 Thermoshell is light. The size 10 UK weighs on my kitchen scales 216 Grams in its carry bag and 206 Grams out of it’s inov-8 stuff sac.

A key feature of the inov-8 180 Thermoshell is that it is reversible. My inov-8 180 Thermoshell is Teal and Purple. The Teal side warn on the outside is 10% cooler than the Purple side warn on the outside.

I wore the inov-8 180 Thermoshell at Northburn 100M about 2km from the Summit of Mt Dunstan. I wore it on the Teal Side in the day in the 100km plus Gale Forced winds areas with a wind chill of well into the minus’s in the alpine areas and I was kept comfortably warm. I would then remove the inov-8 180 Thermoshell after I descend the mountain a few kilometers and just stay comfortable in my inov-8 Base Elite 130 LS.

The inov-8 180 Thermoshell has a reversible deep zip to allow for easy head access. I could keep my head torch and inov-8 wrag on my head whilst removing my inov-8 180 Thermoshell. inov-8 180 Thermoshell deep zip also allowed me to vent my chest whilst on the run. I was also able to push the sleeves up my arms to cool my body temperature down too whilst running down the mountain.

inov-8 180 Thermoshell came into it’s own at around 3am when the temperatures plummeted to below zero with a 100km Gale Forced Winds close to minus 10. I swapped the inov-8 180 Thermoshell to the Purple Side facing outwards. I could really feel my core temperature heat up with the Pertex Quantum warn on the outside. inov-8 180 Thermoshell Pertex Quantum Ultralight fabric has properties of high levels of windproofness and breathability. Meaning that I did not stink after wearing the inov-8 180 Thermoshell even though I was kept warm and safe from the New Zealand Elements.

I am asthmatic, I must keep my chest warm to prevent my lungs from tightening up, having the option of swapping sides and increases the temperature in my core meant the difference between me having to wear thermal pants or not. I could save time at check points by choosing the swap the inov-8 180 Thermoshell to the 10% Warmer Purple Side. inov-8 180 Thermoshell also mean that I could cut down on weight in my mandatory gear. The conditions of Northburn 100 almost called for 2 Fleeces, the inov-8 180 Thermoshell was like having 2 fleeces in one.

inov-8 180 Thermoshell is Zoned Primaloft Sport 40g/m2 Body and 25g/m2 Sleeves and Collar. Meaning that my core cam be kept warmer, and my arms cooler. Helping my body to regulate it’s temperature more effectively. Having less Primaloft on my arms helps the inov-8 180 Thermoshell feel stream lined around the arms, making it easy to run efficiently even with a warm Thermoshell on.

inov-8 180 Thermoshell is body Mapped Stitched-Through construction to create cool zones, again to help regulate your body temperature whilst you are running. inov-8 180 Thermoshell lycra bound thumb loops and lycra bound hems to fit the body snuggly around your wrist and hips and to prevent any unwanted cold air flow onto the body.

inov-8 180 Thermoshell has an outside chest zip pocket which holds a mobile phone and reflective night running multi angle detailing.

inov-8 180 Thermoshell fit is great too. The length of the inov-8 180 Thermoshell covers my hips and butt at the back of my body and cures up at the front of the body to allow for my legs to stride out and run. I’m wide in the shoulders, broad across the chest and I never felt restricted by the fit of the inov-8 180 Thermoshell.
inov-8 180 Thermoshell is a great at rest too. I can again regulate my temperature depending on the outside air temperature of wind conditions by swapping sides on inov-8 180 Thermoshell, it’s perfect for waiting around at the end of races for your mates to finish.




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