Inov8 f-lite 215

Inov-8 F-Lite 215 Review Light Weight Trail Running Shoe

Inov8 f-lite 215 for females Inov8 f-lite 240 for males

I was given a pair of inov8 f-lite 215 to try by my sponsors Barefoot Inc. I was immediately impressed by the shock absorbing in the fore foot of the shoe. It has the much loved by me “Injected EVA” which cushions my feet yet has a great return on the energy you put into every foot strike.
The inov8 f-lite 215 have “2 Arrows” which means they are “Shock Zone 2” a transitional shoe. Anyone can wear these shoes. They have extra cushioning under the heal allowing for some heal striking for those of you who are building up to minimal running style.
I’ve tested the inov8 f-lite 215 on a ruggered fire train, gravel road, road and almost every surface under the sun. They are best suited for hard fire trails, soft dirt, gravel, small stones and roads. They give great protection from stones under the balls of your feet, and have just enough traction on a gravel road to keep you flying.

I ran an interval session in them for 17kms on a fire trail, road and gravel and I was really happy with their performance. They are great over hard surfaces where you need a bit of protection.
These shoes are not so good in sand or really lose surfaces. They just don’t have enough traction. You’re best of with the inov8 x-talon 190 for loose, sandy or muddy surfaces.(Or try the new inov8 Trailroc, but I have not tested the Trailroc yet. I can’t wait to try them out though!)
I also tested them for 18kms on the road on a hilly course and they were fantastic. I really enjoyed running in them.
The fit is slim lined “P” for performance. I have skinny ankles and a wide broad feet and the inov8 f-lite 215 fit my feet like a glove. You can wear them without socks if you wish for tri’s if you wish or just to look good with your outfit. I even wear these shoes with my hot pants when I’m just hanging out in Newtown, Sydney, Australia.
Inov8 f-lite 215 are a women’s cut. The inov8 240 are the male version of this shoe. Another awesome feature of Inov8 shoes in general is that you can steam the heal with a kettle and then fit the heal/ankle area of the shoe to your heal/ankle. The heal is heat sensitive, meaning that you will avoid heal slippage.
Inov8 f-lite 215 have the “Metaflex” to allow for the natural flexion of your forefoot as well as the Fascia Band to give your plantar foot support and to also act as a “windlass” to give you a natural kick with every stride.
The weight of the inov8 f-lite 215 shoe is amazing my UK 5.5/US 8 only weigh 201 grams. I love them. The colour of the inov8 f-lite 215 is fantastic. They stand out like most inov8 shoes but with style.
I’ve washed the inov8 f-lite 215 in my machine on a quick 15 minute wash after my camping trip and they have come up like new. I’m so happy with the wear and tear and recovery of the inov8 range.
These shoes are a great all round shoe. Perfect for any runner who want to try out the inov8 brand for the first time or who is just looking for a great all round road and trail shoe. The female version is the inov8 f-lite 215 the male version is inov8 f-lite 240. They get a thumps up from me 🙂

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