Inov8 Trail Talon 235

Inov8 Trail Talon 235


The inov8 Trail Talon 235 is part of the second generation of the Inov8 Trail Talons. The rubber “Powerflow” sole is the most durable shoe Inov8 has managed to produce for training and racing conditions. I was kindly given the Inov8 Trail Talons by Barefoot Inc Australia in January 2018. I have been part of the inov8 Australia and International Team since 2012 and I have test run most of the shoes in the rage over the past 6 years and I am more than impressed with the inov8 Trail Talon 235. The rubber compound is super grippy, designed for hard pact trip surfaces which is great in the wet or dry, Inov8 as a Brand is known for it’s grip and again Invo8 have delivered with developing a fantastic, fast lite weight grippy durable shoe that you can rely on to get you through all your ultra trail training and racing. The Inov8 Trail Talon 235 is  great allrounder shoe.


I am a running coach as well as an elite ultra trail athlete and I have seriously thrashed these shoes every weekday running 70-100km plus a week I these work horse shoes for the past 9 months. The Inov8 Trail Talons are a true “Work Horse” of a shoe, fast, lite, agile and durable.  I have put excess of 2520km into these shoes and they are still going strong in the lower (I run with good technique with minimal impact so I am kinder on my shoes than most. I recommend you rotate your shoes but I personally didn’t need to with these shoes). The upper has finally worn away from our dry dusty conditions over the winter period with blow outs on the side.


The rubber sole is very impressive. I really do mean I have worn these shoes day in day out with my job as a running coach for 8 hours of running 5 days a week, again, again, and again. Normally I would have to rotate my shoes daily or between sessions but these shoes don’t require such a consistent rotation to prevent injuries. The sole is that rubbery, meaning , soft, bouncy, flexible, comfortable and cushioning that I haven’t felt the need to wear a different shoe in the week for training. The Inov8 Trail Talon 235 to me is the perfect training shoe.


I have raced the Inov8 Trail Talon in the Blackall 100 Australian Championships, Mount Glorious 1/2 Marathon. I haven’t felt the need to tape my ankles, the external heel cage locks my ankle into position and gives me the confidence to go for jumps, leaps and bounds or adrenaline rushing steep descent. I chose the “Standard” fit which gives my super wide Australian thong wearing feet enough room to spread and grip the terrain that I am running on. When my feet can behave as they should I don’t get injured. This is the other reason why I love the Inov8 Trail Talon range the fit is nice and roomy without being sloppy.


The upper is super lite weight, fast draining. You can run through creeks at length without the shoe filling up with water. The minute you start ascending the hill the shoe will drain freely.


Fast Facts

Fit Scale






Lug Depth




Midsole Stack

11mm / 7mm



Sole Compound


Product Weight

235g / 8.225oz



I managed to rehabilitate an Achilles tendon injury by adding a 4mm heel insert into the Inov8 Trail Talon meaning I have increased the drop of the shoe but maintain the flexibility that I love.


Shona Stephenson trail testing the Inov8 Trail talon 235.
Inov8 Trail Talon 235 with an extra 4mm heel insert to help with an achillies injury.
Inov8 Trail Talon 235 with an extra 4mm heel insert to help with an achillies injury.

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