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Inov8 X-Talon 212. Are they worth running down the street 1/2 naked to save them.

I have been given a pair of Inov8 X-Talon 212 to try. They are so good I ran down the streets of the Inner West in just my undies, yes topless, chasing a group of 4 young adults to stop them from stealing them. My husband caught 2 of them I caught the faster 2 who made it 100m up the street. We rounded the  thieves up with the help of a few neighbours, and the police was called and they were charged with theft. The charge was later down graded to a hefty fine.
Okay, I obviously love the Inov8 X-Talon 212. They are light and feel so free. I find the grip amazing.  I love just love wearing them. They are so good. I actually look forward to putting them on.

Terrain to Attack

I enjoy wearing the Inov8 X-Talon 212 when I am running intervals at my local oval on grass. When I am training on dirt or off road with clients and without clients. They are heaven for my feet. No pain, just grip and freedom. The Inov8 X-Talon 212 are light as can be, they lock into the ground surface and just propel you forward. I have found that I have developed an ankle flick when I am running in them. I do feel like I am a kid again when I run in them.
They are great in sand, dirt, grass and on rocks. The Inov8 X-Talon 212 grip is as good on a hard surface as soft. I just really do adore the Inov8 X-Talon 212.
They are okay on the road, but only if you were intending to run moderately and for a short distance.
I personally need a bit more protection under the balls of my feet for fast road running.

Terrain to Avoid

Fire Trails. Look if you are careful and jogging slowly you may get away with running on a stoney fire trail. However, if you were descending fast down a fire trail, and if you are a “Toe Runner” like me you would feel every sharp stone sticking up out of the graded surface, it may lead to an injury. So treat with respect. Research your surfaces. The Inov8 Roc-Lite 268 is a better choice.

Inov8 X-Talon 212 Appeal

They are beautiful to look at.
Funky, yet practical.
They get the thumbs up from my clients when I wear them.

Inov8 X-Talon 212 Value

They retail for $179, so they are not expensive. I think they are worth every cent. I really enjoy my running when I wear them. They are the reason I am planing to go out in torrential rain to run intervals.


Here is the whole story from the topless chase for the X-Talons.


I was sitting in my bedroom at 6:20am on a Sunday Morning in the Inner West of Sydney, writing my last blog. I heard my gate open, followed by some giggling and chatting. I opened my plantation shutters and spotted a girl and 3 guys in their early 20s on my front porch with at least one pair of my shoes in their hands. I banged the plantation shutters to hopefully scare them off, and I think I yelled, “Their stealing my shoes”. I had 4 pairs out the front of the house drying, one pair being the band new Inov8 X-Talon 212.
My husband jumped up and ran out the door. I paused for a second or two, I had only my nickers on. I did not have time to put a top on. I had visions in my head that they had hold of all 4 of my shoes, and especially the Inov8 X-Talon 212 that I had only received from my sponsors the week earlier. I dare not tell them that I had them stolen from the front of my house. I loved those shoes. They are my favourites.So I took flight.
So off I sprang, out of my house, full of adrenaline, up the street I sprinted. I ran the two faster guys down within 100m. The look on the two guys face was priceless. I had chased them up the street bare chested.
My husband recounts the scene, “You were like a lightening bolt, I can’t believe you backed me up with no top on, I’m so proud of you”. He would not have been able to catch all 4.
I soon worked out they did not have my shoes, and I went back to help Mikey out. We cornered the other 2 thieves, one of them being the girl who I saw with my shoes in her hands. We asked our neighbour to call the police. Another neighbour from across the road saw me run up the street topless and thought he’d come out to help/look. We were soon joined by another neighbour also in his undies. The other two guys stupidly returned to help their friends, so we managed to catch all 4 of the robbers. We had the numbers and the cops were on their way. When I realised that we had the upper hand I ran inside and got a dress on and grabbed my phone.
Heaps of banter went on between us and the stupid kids, and I soon informed them “You guys have no idea who you just took on. I’d chase you for 100km if needed”. My neighbours all smiled at this.
The police soon arrived and I gave a statement. None of my shoes left the premises, but I had know idea of this until I had run the guys down. I was thinking they could have stolen all 4 pairs.
The police were willing to press charges, took a statements from us all and held the idiots for 3 hours. One of them even started to cry. I guess they learnt their lesson. The police and I decided that a fine would be enough punishment after the thieves came into the police station and apologised profusely. I am even receiving an apologetic email from the girl who caught in the act of stealing my shoes.
I was happy to defend my property and my street. I will do it again in a flash. Our street was amazing, 3 of our neighbours came to help us out, and it was before 6:30am on a Sunday morning. That is real community spirit.

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