Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner

Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner started Trail Running Australia in July of 2012 as a Trail Running blog providing information on races, nutrition, hydration, gear, clothing and footwear.

Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner wanted to tell stories of not only her own adventures but of her fellow Ultra Running friends. Shona is not perfect in any way and loves to share her up’s and down, injuries and illnesses, her wins, places and her DNF’s of all her races.

Life’s not about winning it’s about getting out there and giving it a go and seeing if you can pull off what you thought was impossible. With the correct advise, training, mental toughness, hydration and nutrition anything is possible.

Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner is a fully qualified Master Personal Trainer who works closely with physiotherapist to provide injury prevention and rehabilitation for her trail running, running and ultra running clients.

Hydration and Nutrition is a key focus of Ultra Running. Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner decided to become a sports nutritionist to optimise her racing capabilities and the potential of her clients by fuelling and hydrating the body correctly whilst racing, training and resting.

Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner also provided online mentoring and coaching for Trail Running and Ultra Running Clients. Her online Ultra Running website is called Ultra Running Australia. Shona can write you an individually designed training programs, strength, agility, plyometrics, core conditioning programs for you to follow. You can even hire Shona to take you out for your long run as part of an online training package.

If you’d like to get in one-on-one service with Shona on a regular basis you can access information about her Personal Training, Bootcamps, Mums n Bubs services at Outdoor Personal Trainer Brisbane

You can contact Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner by email or mobile phone;

Mobile 0417 693 281

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Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner
Shona Stephenson Ultra Runner