GNW 100s Race Report

GNW 100s Lead up

My lead up to my first 100 mile event the Great North Walk 100s (GNW 100s) was perfect. My body was feeling great. I finally felt like my body was finally able to handle the kilometers of training and racing I was putting into it. I won three 100km events in 3 months I was in great form. The only problem was that I was not fully recovered in my chest form Great Ocean Walk (GOW 100). During GOW I was having problems breathing from the 30km mark. I felt like I was only able to preform at about 80%. I should have seen this as a warning sign with my asthma, but I was busy (poor excuse). Too busy to go to the doctors and check out. Besides, who want to go to the doctors when you could be out running?

On the Wednesday before GNW 100s I was forced to go to the doctors. My asthma was now out of control. I felt like I could not inhale my preventive drug properly into my lungs past my swollen trachea. The doctor was not impressed with the state that I was in. She said I was rattling all over my chest and she prescribed me with some drugs to help get rid of the inflammation out of my lungs and a nasal spray for my nose to help me with my chronic hay fever. She then insisted that I come back for clearance on Friday before I raced because I clearly was not well enough to race in the state that I was in.

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Kokoda Challenge 2012 Results

Queensland may have beaten us New South Welshmen in the origin but the boys from the Blue Mountains in NSW in the No Roads Expeditions have won the only sport that counts in my eyes, Ultra Trail Racing.

For the second time in a row the No Roads Expeditions Team have won the toughest 100km with over 5000m of vertical elevation in a time on 11 hours 43 minutes 50 seconds. The No Roads Expeditions Team members Andrew Lee, Brendan Davies, Clarke Clarke McClymont and Ewan Horsburgh, have taken out the top place yet again. You can hold your heads high and you have made us so proud. (Sorry Queensland we have to beat you in something.)

In 2nd position was the Swift Running Team with a time of 13:37:15, followed by the Rocksolid Raiders 15:36:25.

In the women’s’ competition the Adventure Angels won the female category in a time of 19:28:31. In second place came the Charlie’s’ Fallen Angels their time was 21:59:03 and taking out the final spot on the podium was the Trination Angels making it under 24 hours with a time of 23:20:22.

The mixed category the Pollyanna’s was first 14:05:46, followed by the Off-road Ostriches 16:01:37 and nabbing the final spot on the podium was the Storm Cycles/Multi-Sport Magazine team with a time of 16:55:01.

A huge congratulations goes out from Trail Running Australia to everyone who entered the event and raised money for the Kokoda Challenge. It is a great cause and deserves our support. If you would like to donate to the Kokoda Challenge please visit their website