Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankle, I am totally gutted. I’ve sprained my anklefor the 4th time in as many weeks and I have to use common sense and pull out of Mt Solitary that is on in two days. This is the chain of events that have lead to pulling out of Mt Solitary.
16th of July, after successfully running 55kms on the Saturday from Berowra to Brooklyn Return and then backing up and running the Footpoint Trail series on the 15th of July. I sprained my ankle badly jumping over a fence at Camperdown Oval at the arrival of a PT session. I had my PT bag on my shoulder adding an extra 10 kilos to my body weight on my right side. I’d just taken the strapping tape off it from the weekend of trail running only 15 minutes before. I jumped over the fence and landed in the only hole in 10m on the oval. I landed on dodgy ankle side that has had the ligaments torn in the past when I was 13 and 3 years ago. I took the full brunt of my body weight plus an extra 10 kilos at right angles on my ankle. My ankle was so sore I got ice from the local cafe and asked my husband to bring crutches to the oval so I could get off it straight away. After two PT sessions then I went to the hospital to get an x-ray for my ankle, ruling out a break. I then go straight to the physio for treatment of my sprained ankle.

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