Sarah Richardson Interview

Shoalhaven King of the Mountain winner Sarah Richardson is back on the trails after more than 10 years absence. She represented Australia in Cycling at the World Championships in 1993. Sarah then went on to become the Australian Long Course Triathlon Champion. She has won Iron Man Japan 2005 and she has just won the 2012 Shoalhaven King of the Mountain. Sarah Richardson is a legend in so many ways and is kind enough to take some time to chat to me about her intriguing sporting journey.

Congratulations Sarah, on your win on the Shoalhaven King of the Mountain, you did so well! I’m amazed at the gap you beat the other females. Well Done!
The Shoalhaven King of the Mountain is such an epic event with 35 years of Tradition. It must be so much fun to run.

Sarah:Yes, it’s a great race, the runners and organizers and volunteers are all really friendly and it’s a beautiful part of the world.


Shona: It looks like you beat your time from 2011 by 8 minutes! Awesome! Was your time of 2:29:30 a PB?

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