Outback Marathon 2012 With Jayne Andrews

Jayne Andrews ran the Outback Marathon 2012 she is one of my most committed PT clients for about a year now. After running a Team Event Coastrek 50km Palm Beach to Balmoral Beach in March 2012, she decided that she wanted to do the Outback Marathon at Uluru. It was mainly on a trail and sand so I really encouraged her to enter the event. We then worked out a training program. Jayne fought her way through injuries and illnesses. Yet she remained committed athlete. She always turned up to training no matter what. Jayne always completed her long runs. Only 4 days before the Outback Marathon she arrived at training at 5:45am after having gastro the day before and clearly sick as a dog with a fever and suffering from the Flu. I sent her home early from her PT session as she could barely manage a sit up. I was not sure if she was going to make the full distance of the Outback Marathon 42.2 Kms only 4 days later. Jayne showed her true sprit and surprised me. She ran a PB on a tough course with over 8 sand dunes to cross. Even with the Flu and all the sand dunes she managed a PB by 7 minutes. Well done Jayne. Jayne is an inspiration and I am so proud of her. Here is her race report.

Damn all those sand dunes

Outback Marathon 2012 Race Report

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