Martin Fryer

Shona: I was first made aware of Martin Fryer when I was trying to pull out of my first ever marathon, Deep Space Mountain Marathon in 2009. The race organizer John Harding mentioned that even the World Champion and Commonwealth Champion Martin Fryer walks 3 minutes out of every 15 minutes whilst winning running his Multi day events. WTF? Who is this guy? And why is my first marathon going to feature this guy in the tiny field of 30?

Martin Fryer you are an Ultra Marathon Running Machine. A true champion. Winning the Sri Chimnoy 6 day Ultra Marathon in New York 2011 by completing 784km. You are the Australian National 48 Hour Track Champion with 388kms. You are the Commonwealth 24 hour record Holder with 255kms as well as achieving the 1st place and No 1 world ranking in the exclusive invitation only Surgeres 48 Track Ultra Marathon in France completing 433kms.

You are a husband, a father, a biomedical scientist, a sky diver gain WTF! As well as a talented tennis player and coach.

Shona: How on earth do you fit this all in? You are clearly a machine!

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