Woodford To Glenbrook Classic 2012

Again I decided late to enter the Woodford To Glenbrook Classic 2012. I have 3 clients running in the Blue Mountains for the first time and I really wanted to be there for them. I’d run 42km around Mt Solitary the Saturday before. I was without a car for Tuesday and Thursday, so I had to bike between Personal Training Sessions (PT) on those days and I am helping out the local hospital RPA with an exercise induced asthma trial. I had a huge week, and I was feeling knackered. The Woodford To Glenbrook Classic 2012 in the past use to just kill my feet and I would always end up with a few “Hot Spots” in my feet after the event. I was cautious about entering. I entered late, just to make sure I had recovered from the weekend.
On Friday before the run, I had an asthma trial. I had to blow into a tube for 6 minutes and keep the the line above 87. The week before I could do it easily. But on Friday I struggled. So I knew I was not going to have an easy run on Sunday. Guys skip to the next paragraph now warning girly talk. I later told the specialist I had my period. She said that it does effect your performance. I had it for 7 days. 7 days is a long time for me. I guess it was nice to know that with all my training and events that I am still healthy. I’m still fertile and I’m still able to bleed for 7 days. Man it can knock you around though.

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