Shona Stephenson’s Crazy Adventures

shona stephenson Shona Stephenson trail running australia crazy running adventures on the trails and in the mountain of Australia for Trail Running Australia. Bitumen is boring – get off road! The first accessible trail running series ultra running in Australia designed to get beginners to intermediates hooked on trails ()while still offering something for those trail hounds out there). All within an hour of Melbourne CBD. two runs: 5-8km and 10-16km courses.ultra running in Australia . all in stunning terrain that will inspire you to go wild….He is hoping that he will be able to allow Flinders Tour entrants to view the three ultra running in australia minute DVD shona stephenson produced by GMAN showing some of the damage done by illegal trail bike and 4WD activity.Nice film. I’m a trail runner too. But I’m currently on the shelf recovering from a serious foot injury. I’ve been keeping myself pumped up and motivated by watching tons of films like this. The stitches come out of my foot in 1 1/2 weeks, then I’m back on the trail. ultra running australia. A little slower maybe, and shorter runs at first, but as sure as. the sun will rise I will be back.Risdon Dam – The equivalent to Melbourne’s ultra running australia Tan track. This 4.5km circuit, loops around the Risdon Dam and is all dirt. shona stephenson 90% of the loop is flat, with a couple of short hills to get the heart rate up. If you are feeling up to it, you can venture off the beaten track and head bush up some of the tracks to runningmake up a long run without doing loops. This venue is ideal for doing faster runs.

shona stephenson ultra running australia

The run starts with a demanding uphill, rising 1,000ft in the first 3km, ultra running in australia providing stunning views over. Port Phillip Bay. The 5km section approaching the 28km mark at Cape Schanck. takes runners along a breathtaking track, along the cliffs that rise above Bass Strait. This section runs past Bushrangers Bay, which is only accessible on foot: it is a special reward.
ultra running in Australia