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UltrAspire Electron UltrAspire Twitch Running Belt Trail Running Australia Shona Stephenson UltrAspire Review 2

I was in the Footpoint store in Mosman checking out there products and I spotted the UltrAspire running belts out on display. Straight away I was impress by their quality of the manufacturing. The UltrAspire are in a class of their own when it comes to the make of the belts. They are really beautifully designed. The UltrAspire Running Belts are the best running belt that I have seen on the market so far. I’ve worn the UltrAspire packs before and I love them. I was keen to try their running belts and see how they stand up to the riggers of trail running.

I was then given the UltrAspire “Electron” Front and “Twitch” Back to try form my sponsors Barefoot Inc.

Some UltrAspire running belts come in two parts a Front and a Back. This allows you to choose the exact set up you want for your race or training and you can mix and match the range. You could buy 2 fronts and 2 Backs and swop to your hearts content. I was given the UltrAspire “Electron” Front and “Twitch” Back to try.
The UltrAspire “Electron” comes in 5 sizes. I was given a size 3. I could have gone smaller, a size 2 would have fitted much better (I am only 5 foot 2 inches and 51 kilos). It still fitted me but there was not much room for adjustments. UltrAspire has an easy to follow size chart on their website to check your size.

UltrAspire Electron UltrAspire Twitch Running Belt Trail Running Australia Shona Stephenson UltrAspire Review

On the UltrAspire “Electron” I really liked the mesh draw string pocket which fitted my gel flask in it. When I was just running for an hour I stashed my keys in this handy draw string pocket with some electrolyte sachets. The sweat proof/water proof electrolyte pill pocket is great for your electrolyte tablets and L-Carnitine capsules. I even stashed a single key in this pocket also. The bonus is that this sweat proof pocket keeps the tablets dry for days I’ve discovered.

On the back of the UltrAspire Belt I had the “Twitch” water bottle carrier which is insulated to keep your fluids cool or warm. The UltrAspire “Twitch” comes with a 480ml plastic water bottle. A feature of the water bottle is that it has a magnetized base which attaches to a magnetic holder on the “Twitch” to prevent the water bottle from moving when you are running. The mouth piece on the water bottle initially was weird at first. You have to rotate the mouth piece instead of squeeze it with your teeth. The water flow is controlled by your hands by squeezing the bottle allowing the water to flow freely into your mouth without having to “suck”. The bottle is designed ergonomically and fits nicely into the palm of my hand. It is very easy to control the amount of water that is released into my mouth. The bottle fits snuggly into the insulated magnetic holder of the UltrAspire “Twitch” and is easy to get in and out of the UltrAspire “Twitch” carrier on the run.
The UltrAspire “Electron” and “Twitch” are adjusted by velcro strap on the right side of the “Electron” belt. On the left side of the UltrAspire “Electron” and “Twitch” is a quick release high quality metal clasp for every day use.

The UltrAspire “Electron” is made of lovely light weight, soft , breathable mesh fabric with soft non chafing binding. The UltrAspire “Twitch” is made of the same soft binding and 3 layers of spongy breathable mesh which is soft. Both the UltrAspire “Electron” and “Twitch” mold to your body and fit like a glove. There is an elastic fastener on the UltrAspire “Twitch” to allow for your diaphragm to expand to breath deeply into your lungs. Not once did I feel like the UltrAspire Electron Twitch restricted my breathing.

UltrAspire “Electron Twitch” sits comfortably in the small of your waist. My husband gave it a go too and because he had a bit of tummy fat he preferred to wear it on his hips. He is 5 Foot 10 inches. The UltrAspire Electron Twitch It fitted him like a glove and the water bottle did not bounce on him. On me being 5 foot 2 inches it worked nicely too. I wore it on my waist and I found that I could still breathe deeply into my lungs. It bounced a bit as my glutes pushed to bottle a bit I am all legs and no waist. It was still nice to wear and I’d recommend the UltrAspire Running Belt Range to anyone who wants to buy a top of the line running belt. They really do stand out from the other products on the market.

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